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At Hudson, we believe that closeness lies at the heart of every good relationship, a belief that is hardwired into our DNA. We stay close to our clients and candidates, and we are closely involved in finding the right solutions to the challenges they face.

Unfortunately, given the current circumstances, we are unable to stand beside you "physically" right now, precisely because we, as a company and as people, are just as concerned about the health of our employees, our clients, our candidates and our coachees.

Fortunately, we have been proactively investing in the digitisation of our services for some time now, in order to be able to respond to a rapidly changing labour market. And while we could never have imagined a scenario like COVID-19, our own R&D department has done everything in its power to make the sudden switch to the provision of fully remote services as seamless as possible.

Today, our online services and tools put us in a position not only to guarantee our own business continuity but also to remain just as involved and as close to you “remotely” and to continue providing you with high quality support.

Successful business through fully digital processes

Online tools & testing

Online tools & testing

Even before the corona crisis, it was not always possible to meet customers, candidates or participants in person. But that has never stopped us: after all, all our tools and tests are available remotely within a completely secure online environment.

Remote Assessment & Development Centers

Our assessment and development centres can be completed remotely, without having to compromise on quality, ease of use or candidate experience. The most suitable programme is compiled in consultation with the client, and all participants are assisted in real time by experienced consultants throughout the entire process.

Remote Assessment & Development Centers
Remote Outplacement

Remote Outplacement

The corona crisis has hit hard. Alongside the human impact, the economic impact is also becoming increasingly clear. For some, this means having to part company with a number of employees.

Hudson is committed to providing these people with remote outplacement guidance to ensure they have the best opportunity to find success in a difficult job market.

Remote Consultancy & Coaching

Times of crisis often change our perspective on things. Circumstances naturally prompt us to engage in self-reflection, at both a personal and a professional level.

Through our remote advice and coaching programmes, Hudson wants to facilitate and lead these valuable processes to the maximum.

Remote Consultancy & Coaching

Each month, we bring hundreds of assignments to a favourable conclusion entirely in the digital realm.
Our methodology and our tools enable us to ensure the continued delivery of our sustained and unflagging support, regardless of the circumstances.

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