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Emerging leaders in Europe


It would be difficult to overstate the importance of leadership in organisations. In the New Normal economic climate, being able to lead an organisation through change and uncertainty is critical to an organisation’s success. For that reason, now is the right time to question whether emerging leaders are ready for the future and, in particular, whether they are ready to lead their organisations in the New Normal. It is therefore of key importance to benchmark the typical leadership profile of emerging leaders against the profile of their C-level leaders and to identify the Growth Potential Factors for emerging leaders.

Hudson's European R&D centre used the Business Attitude Questionnaire to analyse the personality characteristics of more than 400 emerging leaders in Europe in order to gain a better understanding of what it is that characterises them. Their results were compared to those of over 600 C-level leaders in Europe and over 150 000 people from the global population. The study report 'Emerging Leaders in Europe: Differences that matter' reveals many new findings which will help organisations to formulate the right strategy for acquiring and developing its future senior leaders.


  • Emerging leaders in Europe are typically managers with a broad strategic view who want to demonstrate their impact and who focus less on details.
  • Emerging leaders in Europe position themselves much more as a leader than an ‘average co-worker’.
  • Emerging leaders in multinational organisations typically demonstrate more leadership behaviour that is based on demonstrating personal drive and having a high impact, compared to their local counterparts.
  • The differences between male and female emerging leaders are less pronounced than the differences between men and women at C-level.
  • Emerging leaders in Europe face the challenge of making the difference together with the current C-level leaders to drive change.
  • In comparison with C-level leaders in Europe, emerging leaders have the more opportunities to develop in the ‘Impact’ cluster, by adopting a more motivating and persuasive attitude.
  • Although the emerging leaders in Europe are on the right track, they can still develop their approach to decision-making.
  • Emerging leaders in Europe need to evolve from operating at an operational, tactical level to operating at a strategic one.
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