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Talent Management Roadmap© for SMEs

At the request of VOKA, we developed a version of the Talent Management Roadmap©, which is aligned with the specific needs of small and medium sized companies.

This SME version has been published in ‘Vokawijzer 23 - Oktober 2012’, a Voka publication in which experts throw their light on several topics. The ‘Vokawijzer’ is published for Voka-members only. Members can order a copy by sending an email to

Below, you can find the most important elements of this ‘Vokawijzer’ (in Dutch):

  • The SME version of the Talent Management Roadmap
  • A questionnaire which allows you to position your own organization on the TMR
  • A manual and tips & tricks to get to work yourself
  • A specific case study within a company

We also advise you to take a look at the Talent Management Roadmap full version and the Talent Management Roadmap on sustainable HR.


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