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Talent Management Roadmap© Cases

Watch a video case study on the Talent Management Roadmap and Sustainable HR:

Testimonials of Talent Management Roadmap users:

Arseus is a young and fast growing organization with various divisions and over 2.000 employees in Europe, Brazil and the US. When I started working for Arseus, I had to analyze – both globally and per division- the current situation and the future objectives of the HR department. During brainstorm sessions with different stakeholders and using the Talent Management Roadmap, we managed to carry out this analysis for each HR field and to communicate the results of this HR-mapping to the board of directors in a perfectly clear way. Summing up, the Talent Management Roadmap has been an excellent tool for the analysis of Arseus’ HR priorities and strategies.”

Céline Caveye
Director Human Resources
Arseus Group

Recently, KPMG has become part of the European KPMG structure. Concerning the HR activities, strategic priorities have been determined on the regional, local and international level. Thanks to the well-organized structure which allowed us to systematically hold our local policy against the light, the Talent Management Roadmap is a very powerful instrument. Furthermore, we have taken into account the expectations of the internal client. So we have made an analysis of the level on which we carry out our activities nowadays, and compared these results to what the management on both the local and European level expects us to perform (and of course to our own ambitions as well). Mapping the As-Is and To-Be situations helped us determining our priorities for the following year in order to build good relations within a complete HR approach.”

Gosse Corstiaensen
HR Manager

“In a growing commercial organization like Optima, the existence of a specific HR policy that is completely in line with the business model is very important. Because of the Human Resources’ ad hoc nature in the past, Optima organized an interactive workshop, lead by Lieven Verbrugge and Jan Gillaerts from Hudson, assembling the CEO Jeroen Piqueur and the managers of all business units. Finally, they have reached a consensus on the HR strategy and the short, middle and long term priorities. This initiative has been very useful for two reasons: on the one hand, it has enabled the HR department to carry out a structured PLAN, supported by the whole management team and, on the other hand, it has enabled the managers to understand what the HR department stands for and to what extent we can offer a maximal support.”

Stef De Baets
HR Manager

“I've presented the Talent Management Roadmap to the corporate HR department of the Holcim group, because the model adds a new dimension to our own roadmap. I qualify this additional dimension very powerfull to HR actions. Those who I presented the Talent Management Roadmap to, immediately saw the added value of the model. The model allows to define for each HR proces what is part of corporate and what is decentralized and at what level in the organization…Our HR colleague of our operational unit in Switserland, to who I presented the Talent Management Roadmap today, asked a copie of the model to help him with the preparation of his new organisation plan… The Talent Management Roadmap really comes up to expectations. It's simplicity makes it easy to unterstand and accept. Congratualations with this great succes!”

Christian Castin
Regional Human Resources Director
Holcim Western & Central Europe

“We've used the Hudson Talent Management Roadmap at Eurocontrol MUAC to our HR policy. Afterwards, we've presented it to the business. Our main questions were: 'Where do you position HR at this moment' and 'what topics do you wish HR to manage the coming years'. The response of the business was great. The maturity model is very complete and clear. The Roadmap was an excellent basis for our discussion and gave structure to the conversation. We had some very constructive and informative meetings.”

Natalie Van Gorp
HR Officer

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