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Why Participate in an Assessment/ Development Centre?

Testing helps match you with the best fit for your career
Testing helps match you with
the best fit for your career

Why does my organisation/the organisation I am applying for want me to do an Assessment/Development Centre?

There are different reasons for a company to organise an Assessment/Development Centre:

  • To ensure the right candidate is being selected when they are trying to fill a specific vacancy with either internal and/or external candidates
  • When there is the need for objective measuring in the framework of a promotion
  • In the context of personal development, an organisation may want to organise a Development Centre to gain a better understanding of your competencies in order to determine your strengths and to see where support may be needed

The general purpose is to get an overview of your current competencies to see whether there is a ‘match’ with the expectations for the specific job and the company itself. Be aware that the purpose is not to pass judgment on your current performance. Since we will observe how you would tackle certain issues in real life situations, the focus is on the future.

Why is Hudson involved?

To the organisation, Hudson acts as an objective, neutral partner and as an advisor.

We give specific advice based on the behavioral competencies that were measured and observed during the Assessment/Development Centre. We do this without giving a decision on the ‘technical’ knowledge that is required for the specific job.

Depending on the purpose of the Assessment/Development Centre, we give concrete advice: positive-reserved-negative.

I have done an Assessment/Development Centre at Hudson before. Why do I need to do it again?

Each candidate is free to decide whether he/she wants to redo certain exercises/tests or not, on the condition that the previous Assessment/Development Centre took place no longer than 2 years ago.

We assume that behaviour can change, but only after a period of 2 to 3 years.

Due to the fact that every assessment/development programme is tailored to measure specific competencies, the interactive exercises will need to be redone since the tests will be measuring different competencies than the previous test.

Moreover, your (future) employer’s standards and expectations with regard to the position you are applying for are never equal to those of another organisation.

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