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What is an Assessment/Development Centre?

Exercises that measure skills and competencies
Exercises that measure skills
and competencies

An Assessment Centre is a set of concrete simulation exercises programmed to verify if the skills and competencies required for a specific job are present. Based on previously defined competencies, the Assessment Centre provides a clear understanding of your strengths or developmental needs and evaluates your potential.

A Development Centre is similar to an assessment centre, but has the additional capability to include further personal development and potential development of your career. A development centre is always part of a development plan within an organisation.

The competency profile for the assessment or development centre is determined according to the needs of the client. This profile is the basis for the screening. It is tailored to the organisation and/or the specific function and reflects the organisation’s expectations. According to the profile, the competencies can be categorised by the following:

  • Information management: competencies with regard to processing information, facts, perceptions, knowledge and ideas in order to develop new information and increase knowledge.
  • Task management: competencies based on organising and prioritising work, from organisational level to workers' level, in order to optimise all tasks and activities.
  • People management: competencies with regard to managing and guiding people within a hierarchical context.
  • Interpersonal management: competencies with regard to managing relations with others, outside a direct hierarchical context (e.g. with clients, colleagues, suppliers, etc).
  • Personal management: competencies surrounding the management of one’s own personal performance and growth.

Your results will be compared to an absolute standard. Under no circumstances will there be a relative comparison to other possible candidates. We keep in mind the client’s expectations and will pay attention to the kind of behaviour the organisation is looking for.

What does the day planning look like?

The schedule will be communicated within the invitation letter. The definitive plan for the day will be presented to you at the beginning of the session. It will consist of different exercises/tests and you will be offered a light lunch at noon.

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