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What happens with my test results?
What happens with my test results?

What happens with the results of the Assessment/Development Centre?

All results will be gathered and written in a final report that is sent to your (potential) employer.

The report is considered in addition to the information the organisation already had from earlier stages in the selection procedure.

All the information will be put together and used to make a final decision.

Can I ask for feedback and if so, when will it take place?

It goes without saying that you have the right to get feedback after the Assessment/Development Centre. Hudson is happy to arrange this with you but in most cases the feedback procedure is decided upon in consultation with your (potential) employer. Therefore, our consultants will be glad to give you more information on the time and place on the day of the Assessment/Development Centre itself.

We are convinced that this feedback will give you insight on your strengths and weaknesses or areas of improvement and therefore will be vital for your future career path. This Assessment/Development Centre is the foundation of individual growth related to the objectives of the organisation.

Will the results be saved and used afterwards?

From the moment the report is sent to the client, the organisation involved becomes the owner of the document and can choose to use the report as a starting point for further training and development initiatives.

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