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Assessment/Development Centre Preparation

Be well rested for testing!
Be well rested for testing!

How can I get myself well-prepared?

The best way to prepare is with a good night's rest!
During the interactive exercises, we will be looking at your behaviour in a totally new context. We take you out of your everyday environment and tasks, and look how you react in situations you are not familiar with.

During the competency based interview we will ask you to cite examples from your latest work experience. Here, you can prepare yourself by thinking about concrete examples from different situations (S). Try to remember what tasks (T) you had and how you approached (A) them in specific situations. Also describe the final result (R).

To experience the ability exercises, you can take some example tests here:


Do I need to bring any documents or materials?

No, everything is provided. Our consultants receive all the necessary documents from the client in advance, but you are always free to bring a copy of your CV.

You do not need to bring lunch or drinks either.


Are there any tips or tricks to increase my chances to succeed?

There is loads of information on assessment/Development centres to be found in books and on the internet.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise you against being influenced by the things you read. The goal is to observe your natural behaviour to see what strengths spontaneously occur and what attention points might go with it.

This is for the benefit of both yourself, and the organisation.

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