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How to Attract & Select the Right Talent

Why attract 1,000 candidates when only 5 might be suitable?

Candidate attraction is complicated. Countless solutions exist, both on and off line, to help you attract people to your business. In the past, organisations relied on a single method of attraction, such as press advertising, but today it’s no longer the best solution to “put all your eggs in one basket”.

When it comes to hiring, securing the best candidates in the end depends on the methods implemented in the beginning. Getting the balance right between candidate volume and quality is the key to success. There’s no point in attracting 1,000 applications on a generalist job board if your role is highly specific and only 5 people could be suitable.

At Hudson, we assess the attraction needs for each client independently – to customise a talent attraction methodology to achieve specific objectives. This ensures that at the end of the recruitment process, you end up with an excellent short-list of candidates from which to select your final placement. 

Hudson also offers modular online and offline candidate attraction solutions, and elements of the offering are combined to produce the optimum strategy for you.

  • Press and online job board advertising
  • Hudson database search
  • Direct Search and Executive Search
  • Networking and campus recruitment
  • Total solutions approach

Don’t hesitate to contact us to work out the perfect solution for you.

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Did you know?

At Hudson, we leverage our own proprietary assessment tools to create customised solutions which increase the probability of hiring the right candidate.

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