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Talent management is the process of taking great people to great performance

We're the only firm in Belgium that offers Talent Management & Recruiting
We're the only firm in Belgium
that offers Talent Management
& Recruiting

In businesses where people make all the difference, nothing could be more important than talent management. Attracting great people is the first step, but you also need a talent strategy to attract the right people and then engage, develop and maintain the talented professionals in your organisation. You need a partner with a clear understanding of the employee lifecycle in order to bring structure and savvy to your talent management efforts.

Hudson’s Talent Management group is here to help. Our unparalleled success at recruitment and talent management is directly related to the innovative Research and Development we conduct. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we do not require a third party to conduct the search and talent screening process. As part of our hiring process, we provide our own proprietary assessment tools and competency mapping to evaluate candidates as well as offer development centres to further enhance employee potential. Hudson’s HR consultants will synthesize our findings and make customised recommendations.

The Hudson 5+1 Competency Model®, the first of its kind, is an industry leading human resource solution developed after extensive research of our clients’ competency frameworks worldwide. Of course we can also customize our talent management solutions and HR tools to your specific competency model.

How well is your internal HR department performing?

Is your HR department considered a strategic partner in management decisions?
Or are you perceived as an employee partner?
Or are your internal HR services rather administrative?

At Hudson we understand that each organisation is unique and each HR department has its differences. However, all HR departments have some things in common --- your HR strategy should be adapted to your organisation’s strategy and should meet your employees’ expectations.

Hudson offers an array of tools, such as the Talent Management Roadmap©and HR audit, to provide insight into and to optimise your HR strategy. We’ll also work with you to determine the needs of your key stakeholders and to gain senior management’s acceptance of your plan.

Examining your current HR strategy today will provoke stimulating thinking and solutions about the challenges that your human resources department will have to respond to tomorrow. Contact Hudson today.

Every person is unique, just like every workplace. Hudson can help you design a talent management strategy fit for your business.

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Our database is the largest in Belgium, giving us unique reach into a pool of highly skilled and experienced candidates.

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