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HR Lifecycle





  • Your Challenges

  • How do we attract the best candidates matching our expectations and meeting our company culture?
  • How do we attract high quality graduates with the potential to grow and develop as future leaders?
  • Do I invest too much time and money per hiring?
  • I have a specific temporary project but don’t have the means to hire an FTE
  • Solution

  • Be clear on what you are offering
  • Find a recruitment partner who offers specialized solutions
  • Engage a partner who is experienced in graduate market solutions
  • Hire a temporary high skilled manager
  • Our Tools

  • Extensive and qualitative database
  • Print media & online job boards
  • Social media
  • Job fairs
  • University alliances
  • Extensive network
  • Hudson jobsite
  • Career Fit Indicator



Engage, Retain and Outplace


  • Your Challenges

  • How do we engage our high potentials so that they remain challenged?
  • How can we quantify performance for non sales roles?
  • How can we mobilize our people around a new corporate direction/new strategic objectives?
  • How do we ensure we are meeting our employee engagement proposition?
  • Solution

  • Engage a provider with custom solutions for distinct talent pools
  • Create a performance indicator by building the link between team performance and the strength of the psychological contract
  • First gain insight on staff capacity for change and identify problem areas requiring additional management attention
  • Understand and measure the gap between what you offer, what you are delivering, and staff expectations/what they need
  • Our Tools

  • Advanced simulations & tests
  • Psychometric tools
  • Workforce planning 
  • Psychological performance contract
  • Motivational Drives Questionnaire
  • Management support & training





  • Your Challenge

  • How can I create a talent strategy that will help me deliver my business objectives successfully in future?
  • How can I make my HR processes less complex and more reasonable?
  • Solution

  • Develop and plan a strategy to have the right people in the right place at the right time





  • Your Challenges

  • How can we ensure that our recruiters have optimum interview skills to reveal the top candidates?
  • How do we better evaluate candidates and improve our hiring decisions?
  • How do we sort through all these candidates to determine the final contenders?
  • We're down to three candidates. How do we know which is truly the right match?


  • Solution

  • Train your internal recruiters on tested, industry-leading interview techniques
  • Leverage powerful assessment tools to measure the "Big Five" personality domains
  • Conduct an objective assessment centre to guarantee objectivity





  • Your Challenges

  • How can we change behaviour to maximise engagement, performance and to enhance returns?
  • How can we identify potential competency gaps for new hires to avoid failure?
  • How can we strengthen our leadership pipeline?
  • How can we be sure an employee will be up to his/ her promotion?
  • How can we train our leaders to become more effective in maximizing the potential of their teams?
  • How do we develop a succession management program for senior leadership?
  • Solution

  • Learn to tailor your employer proposition 
  • Introduce rigorous and consistent selection process which takes away subjectivity
  • Introduce a robust and fact-based process to differentiate between high potentials and high performers to be able to create succession and development plans
  • Set up your employees for success by identifying potential areas for growth before promotions
  • Train managers to link strategy with operational excellence while better combining their technical expertise with people management skills
  • Develop a succession plan that includes who, where and when leaders will be required
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