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Situational Judgement Tests


Test how well potential employees handle daily challenges before you hire

Measure candidates’ judgment ability
Measure candidates’ judgment ability

Situational Judgement Tests

How can I give potential candidates a taste of our daily challenges in an original way?
How can I objectively measure if a candidate knows how to carry out a certain position in our organisation?
How can I develop my employees’ competencies using practical, real life scenarios?

The way in which Hudson’s R&D Centre has developed the methodology of the Situational Judgement Tests creates the possibility of using these tests to attract, select, assess and develop talent in a very cost-effective way.


  • Hudson’s R&D Centre puts together the Situational Judgement Tests according to your organisation’s needs.
  • The tests simulate real professional situations, elaborated in fictitious scenarios.
  • The (potential) employees demonstrate the way in which they would deal with each scenario via a multiple choice questionnaire or during an interview.
  • The advanced yet easy-to-use scoring rules allow you to objectively measure your chosen competencies.
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As the most qualitative HR service provider on the market, we are known for our qualified assessors, and we provide guaranteed double assessment for each candidate to ensure objectivity. We also offer you the "Hudson Academy” trainings to learn how to use our tools and methods yourself.

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