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Abstract Reasoning Tests

Measure intellectual and logical reasoning skills

Evaluate intellectual potential
Evaluate intellectual potential

It is clear from research that an abstract reasoning test has the highest precision rate for predicting success in a future job. That is why Hudson developed the Abstract Reasoning Ability Test, an exercise that allows a candidate’s general intellectual potential to be evaluated without education, background or experience having a bearing on the results. This test is particularly suitable for measuring the potential of employees and candidates because it gauges intellectual and logical reasoning skills.

The Abstract Reasoning Ability Test is available for different levels (from ‘blue collar’ workers to ‘senior managers’). You can choose either to hold the test remotely – it is an efficient and effective pre-selection tool for large groups – or on the spot, for maximal validity.

As a user, you receive a useful and well structured report in which the different elements of the results can immediately be seen.


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