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Leverage flexible e-tools and artificial intelligence to assess young professionals, high potentials and senior managers

Use artificial intelligence to assess your employees and candidates
Use artificial intelligence to assess
your employees and candidates

How can I make the assessment of talent more objective, faster, easier and cheaper?
How can I make my assessment centres more flexible and adapted to my needs?

e-Assessments use electronic solutions and new technologies to outline the capacities and competencies of candidates and employees.

With such solutions, Hudson’s R&D department aims not only to anticipate new trends, but also to increase the objectivity of talent evaluations, by giving these evaluations a scientific basis and making them more accurate, in a way that is challenging, interesting and instructive for the participant.

In order to achieve these goals, Hudson has already developed an e-assessment.

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At Hudson, our methodology is proprietary and customisable. We combine our product with your customised solutions and dig deeper than any other to evaluate and shortlist the most qualified candidates. We even provide a free full-day assessment of the final candidate to ensure they are the right fit for the company.

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