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The optimum tool for mapping out your job matrix clearly and accessibly!

COMPAS gives you, as an HR professional, the best possible support when designing your job matrix, by offering you a complete and clear perspective throughout the process. 

The application has a modular construction and offers you three options to use, either separately or together.

Why is this tool essential for you as an HR professional?

  • Clear: connection between descriptions of responsibilities or roles, job evaluation and competency profiles. 
  • Accurate: up-to-date database with over 250 reference job positions.
  • Customized: can be completely accessed and adjusted according to the needs of your organization, in combination with the relevant competency profile and underlying behavioral indicators.
  • Integrated: personalized template for all your job positions, evaluations and competency profiles.
  • Catalyst: support for other HR processes such as recruitment, performance management and training.



With this module you determine the desired responsibilities via a job description.

You can control and adjust the process in clear, efficient and extremely convenient way, given that this forms the basis for many HR processes such as Recruitment & Selection, Competency Management and Training & Development.

The most important functionalities:

  • Web-based tool: save and change information with the latest version always available. 
  • Tailormade template: describe all job positions and roles in an organization-specific way. 
  • Access to Hudson's reference job descriptions: over 250 generic reference job descriptions written by experts are completely accessible, and can be used and adjusted according to the needs of your organization.  
  • Multi-user friendly: work together with different parties from different locations on a project, maintaining a clear overview of the progression of the process.
  • Available in English, Dutch and French.



With this module you analyze and evaluate the added value of responsibilities within your organization by applying the 5+1 Compas® methodology developed by Hudson.

Based on the added value of the different jobs within the organization, it is possible to set up a job grading system, which forms the basis of a balanced remuneration policy.

The most important functionalities are:

  • Analytical: each criterion consists of different levels, each of which represents a specific score. 
  • Transparent: the criteria make sufficient distinctions and prevent unclear allocation. 
  • Objective: each job position is evaluated on the basis of an identical set of criteria. 
  • Universal: the system is applicable for all kinds of jobs, within each organization and sector.
  • Competency-related: the criteria are based on a central competency model. 

In addition, you can use our extensive reference material: over 250 generic reference job descriptions are available that have all beenevaluated by our experts. These can be freely used by your organization as a benchmark for your own job evaluations. COMPAS also includes extensive e-mail communication options, through which you can organize your entire communication process digitally and efficiently. The information can be checked, changed and ultimately validated by different parties.



Which competencies are required for a particular job position? Establish this with help from this module and get access to Hudson's complete 5+1 Competency model® !

With this model, developed by the Hudson R&D team, you can: 

  • Determine and recognize essential behavior at all levels within the organization.
  • Manage and implement large-scale organizational and cultural changes.
  • Evaluate and develop the talent within your organization. 
  • Attract people with the right skills and knowledge.
  • Construct a basis for integrated HR processes and Talent Management processes.

The Hudson 5+1 Competency model® shows how you can reach your objectives by aligning the behavior of your employees with the adjacent processes. The model can be used for diverse job positions and roles and is composed of five competency clusters: Information Management, Task Management, People Management, Interpersonal Management and Personal Management. There is also an extra cluster: Technical Expertise.

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