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Recruitment & Selection

How do I get the right people on board in my family business?

Together, we will determine an optimal approach to recruitment and will formulate both short- and long-term recommendations based on our knowledge of the labour market and the context of your family business.

We look for and find suitable candidates

Our approach: depending on the profile in question, we may opt to (a) conduct a targeted media campaign (online and offline), (b) make use of our network, (c) search our extensive database of potential candidates or (d) look for that one-in-a-million person via a direct search.

We build long-term cooperation

To ensure that we put the right candidates forward for all levels, we focus first on getting to know and understand your family business and also your vision, values and culture through and through. Such insight, coupled with our extensive expertise in a wide range of sectors, then forms the basis for building a successful and trust‑based relationship.

Do you want to learn more? Contact us by mail or by telephone at 09 242 54 35.

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