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External Directors

How do I find the perfect external director for my board of directors?

Hudson actively helps shape the board of directors for family businesses. We outline the ideal profile for your directors, based on our in-depth knowledge of and insight into the future challenges and needs of your family business.

We guarantee good management of your business

Getting your business, the family and all family owners on the same page is not always easy. Sometimes, not just the business but also the owners could use some external input. As the Buysse Code III (the reference point for corporate governance in Belgium) clearly states, having a carefully composed family board, advisory board or board of directors is crucial. Striking a good balance between family and external manpower is the best way to grow your business.

We identify, recruit and advise

We compile a shortlist from our extensive network of top managers, interim managers and CEOs, together with (external) director candidates. Our partner, IFB, regularly organises a course (Director in a Family Business), which covers all aspects of this area.

Need an external director? Send us a mail or call us on 09 242 54 35.

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