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Coaching & Training

How do I map candidates’ competencies, knowledge and attitudes?

How can I know if this applicant fits our business? Our company is in full expansion, can my manager grow with it? How can we make this valueable employee a leader? Was I cut out to take over my parents' business?

Hudson pays particular attention to aligning the vision and objectives of your family business with the talents and growth requirements of your people.  

We provide you with a competency profile

We collect feedback about candidates from various perspectives, via role plays, interviews and questionnaires (assessments). 

We provide guidance and coaching

We also offer solutions for the development of employees and teams, both individually and in a team context. Whether it's about assessments, career guiding or coaching, the solutions are tailerd to your needs. We are open to an alternative and/or combined approach.

More info about coaching and training? Contact us by email or at 09 242 54 35.

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Hudson has more than 35 years of experience and is the undisputed market leader in the HR consultancy sector. Every day, the Hudson HR experts use all their specialist knowledge regarding the recruitment, interim management, development, coaching or compensation of employees to support our customers so they can achieve their ambitions.