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Thanks to the participation of numerous organisations, we succeed in bringing a qualitative product on the market. For this reason, we kindly invite you to participate in our Top Executive Survey (edition 2018).


  • A free Management Summary with the current remuneration practices for the executive committee; click here to see an example of the report.
  • A discount when purchasing a tailor-made report.


Fill in the form below as a result of which we register your participation. As soon as the necessary documents (questionnaires and Job Matching Guide) for delivering the salary data of your organisation are ready, we will inform you so that you can start immediately. Our team of experienced consultants are always happy to help you with filling in the questionnaires.

Fill in the form below to participate in the Top Executive Survey 2018
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I participate in the Top Executive Survey and I agree with being announced as a participant. (If not, please let us know by letter.) I agree with the agreement regulating the joint responsibilities for the processing of personal data in the context of the Hudson market studies.

Submit salary information

Within the context of the new GDPR regulation, Hudson provides a safe environment for submitting your data. From now on, the data will be exchanged through the ISO 27000 certified SendSafely platform.


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