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You are willing to participate in this survey? That is fantastic!
As a participant, you will receive the following benefits: 

  • Free Salary Indicator: receive an entire salary report for a reported job of your choice. You determine the reference market by means of several parameters such as region, turnover and number of employees.
  • Free Trends report: contains the principal reward trends that occurred in the period of 2018-2019 on the Belgian ICT & Telecom market.
  • Free Job Matching Guide: dispose of extensive job descriptions of specific ICT jobs.
  • Invitation to the presentation of our results mid-September 2019 where the results of the survey will be clarified.
  • Benefits of the Generic Salary Survey: with your permission, we can also include your data in our Generic Salary Survey so you also receive an additional salary indicator for a generic job of your choice.
  • Considerable discount when purchasing the results.


Complete the form below to register your participation. After you have registered your participation, you will receive the necessary documents (questionnaires and Job Matching Guide) in order to provide us with your organisation’s salary data. Our team of experienced consultants is always ready to assist you to fill in the questionnaires.

Complete the form below to participate in the Hudson salary surveys.

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