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By the end of October 2019, the results of the Salary Survey in the Financial Sector 2019 will be available. You can choose between different reporting possibilities and order them by filling in the following form:


By signing this order form, I commit myself to use the information delivered in the products mentioned above exclusively for internal purposes. The data concerned cannot be used, by no means, in light of consultancy projects. I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned below.


The prices above are VAT exclusive (21% VAT).

The license agreement for Reward Architect (Advanced) is valid for 12 months taking effect as soon as the results are available (beginning of October) or, in case of purchasing the results after October 1st, as from the time of purchase. The license takes effect after the reception of the login data and is extended for 12 months with tacit renewal on the expiration date. In order to avoid tacit renewal, the licensee has to terminate the agreement in a registered letter, at least 2 months before the expiration date. After the expiration date, the licensor – Hudson – is entitled to terminate this agreement, in compliance with a period of notice of at least 2 months.

Invoices can be paid from 30 days after the invoice date. In case of non-payment, the licensee has to pay a delayed interest of 1% each month, by right and without notice of default. In addition, the amount due will be increased, by law and without notice of default, with a damages clause of 10%, starting from € 100.00. This all without prejudice to reminder costs, collection costs or legal costs.

If the licensee fails to pay within 60 days after the invoice date, Hudson has without prejudice to its other rights, the right to cancel the delivery of the product, without a preceding message.

Every year, the compensation for the license agreement is automatically indexed, according to the consumer price index.

The personal data that you provided through this order form will only be used in the framework of this agreement, and in accordance with applicable law.

All disputes concerning the validity, interpretation, execution or termination of the agreement shall be settled by the entitled law courts of Ghent, with implementation of the Belgian legislation.


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