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Generic Salary Survey 2019

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How competitive is your staff's salary package?

Find out with the most efficient tool for in-depth salary analysis!

REWARD ARCHITECT  is a user-friendly, web-based tool for HR professionals to consult and save comprehensive market information on the composition of salary packages in Belgium. Do you have any doubts about your staff’s salaries? The reliable and versatile Reward Architect® tool can give you a helping hand!


  • Create and manage specific salary analyses of your proper organisation.
  • Remunerate your employees correctly through comparison with real salary data.
  • Determine the competitiveness of the salary package.


  • The analyses are based on an actual salary database containing 234.614 separate observations from 690 companies (Generic Salary Survey 2019).
  • You can choose the reference market which best suits your needs.
  • You can browse both age-dependent and age-independent salary data.
  • A clear analysis of statistically backed salary data is just one click away.
  • The salary data includes the basic and variable remuneration, as well as fringe benefits.
  • The data can be easily exported for further analysis.
  • Available in Dutch, English and French.

In addition, REWARD ARCHITECT ADVANCED also contains:

  • Comparison between the own employees and the market.
  • User-friendly analyses on the level of the department or the organisation.
  • Samples based on job classes.
  • Extensive reporting in bands and definitions of proper salary bands.



Reference job Base Salary
Job Level Target Total Cash (Base Salary + Target Variable Pay)
Diploma Total Cash (Base Salary + Variable Pay)
Sector Total Compensation (Base Salary + Variable Pay + Valuation fixed expenses
allowance, company car, meal vouchers and daily allowance
Region Variable Pay (Cash as well as non-cash bonuses, Commission,
Market Premium and Profit Sharing)
Age Extra-Legal Benefits  
Number of employees    - Fixed expenses allowance
Turnover    - Company Car
     - Meal Vouchers
     - Daily Allowance
  Insured Benefits




Trends report 2019

This report comprises a detailed and easy to consult overview of the most important reward trends in the Belgian market in 2018-2019. A useful report for everyone who is involved in compensation and benefits. The participants of our Generic Salary Survey receive this report free of charge.


Theme Report Flexible Remuneration 2018

More and more employees are asking to compose their benefits package themselves. A lot of organisations wish to anticipate these needs and have questions about the market practices regarding ‘Flexible Remuneration’. Based on a clear report, you will gain insight into the market practices of this booming business. This report will describe objective figures both about the composition of the budgets and the policy approach, demonstrated by cases.

Some topics:

  • What is the composition of ‘Flexible Remuneration’ plans today?
  • Which challenges are linked to ‘Flexible Remuneration’ and how do organisations meet these challenges?
  • Which remuneration components can be sacrificed by the employees to create budget for the flexible remuneration plan?
  • Which are the options and what do the employees choose? 



Should you like to receive salary information for one or more employee(s), executive(s) or top executive(s) in the course of the year, please contact us. We can offer you (one of) the reports below:

*  With a benchmark report, we additionally compare your employees to the market data.

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