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Salary Surveys

The most reliable salary information in Belgium

Talent, commitment and loyalty are priceless. Your organisation’s success depends on your employees. Hence, investing in the human capital of your organisation is a must.

The reward policy of your organisation is a true reflection of the investment in human capital. As an HR expert, it is your task to strategically design this policy, keeping in mind external market conformity. Our remuneration surveys are ideal for this purpose.

Our Generic Salary Survey 2019 covers market information for 242 jobs based on 234,614 individual observations originating from 690 participating companies. You can also dispose of these interesting and representative data. 

Yes, I wish to purchase the results of the 26th edition.

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27th edition of the Generic Salary Survey

In addition to the Generic Salary Survey we annually organise a number of Specific Salary Surveys: in the Banking sector, the Financial sector,  the Telecom and ICT sector, and a lot of other sectors. It is also possible to organise a survey for your sector on demand.

Why Hudson?

  • Being the absolute market leader in the field of salary research, each year we guarantee the most representative and reliable salary information in the Belgian market.
  • Our extensive salary database allows us to provide you with detailed salary information on more specific reference jobs.
  • You can rely on dependable and solid salary analysis tools which allow you to draw the right conclusions and to develop a structured and well-founded remuneration policy.
  • For Hudson, your comfort is top priority. Hence, user-friendliness and flexibility are of paramount importance for our tools Reward Architect (Advanced).
  • In addition, our team of specialists is always at your disposal through our professional helpdesk and service.

If you want information on Top Executive jobs, we offer you high-quality and in-depth information on current trends and practices. We assess all key components of your current Top Executive compensation packages and assist you with the (re)design and implementation of an innovative and tax friendly tailor-made remuneration policy.

Furthermore, Hudson is your partner in all areas of Compensation & Benefits. We provide all-round support to our customers with regard to the development and implementation of a total reward approach.

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Hudson is known for filling difficult-to-fill vacancies that require unique skills and for finding specialised candidates.

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