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Organisation Design

“Design without strategy lacks vision”


Your challenges


The design of an organisation is often under pressure. Roles and responsibilities can become muddled when organisations experience mergers, take overs, explosive growth, changes in top management, or changes in their product and service lines.

When companies change, roles and responsibilities need to evolve to meet changing strategies and new realities. All too often this is overlooked during organisational shifts and companies experience the following consequences:



Communication breakdowns and interruptions in lines of reporting Process overlaps and loss of efficiency
Lack of transparency for the customer Loss of economies of scale
Uncertainty and unmotivated of staff Longer lead times
Unclear management and guidance mechanisms Decreased quality

Our approach

Hudson’s experienced team of organisational design will guide you through the design evaluation process. We begin with a full analysis of the mission and strategy of the organisation. Working in cooperation with top management, we identify the key conditions and core principles upon which the new design will be based. When adjusting the structure of the organisation, we rigorously review the following points:

  • Which level has which responsibilities?
  • To what extent do we strive for empowerment?
  • How do we control the balance between entrepreneurship and management control?
  • What is the ideal balance between the various units of the organisation?
  • Are equal processes sufficiently bundled?
  • Are the management and reporting lines transparent?
  • How do the various units of the organisation interact?

Throughout the Organisation Design exercise, our experts work closely together with members of the organisation. We combine our knowledge and experience with insights of members from all organisational units involved.

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When the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) wanted to enhance their selection process and to hire by competency, they turned to Hudson to modernise their recruiting and implement an assessment centre solution.

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