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Organisational Development

How flexible is your organisation?

Successful organisations are fluid. They are capable of efficiently adjusting to ever-changing internal and external environments – often which the organisation cannot fully control -- such as market shifts, changes in customer buying behaviour, or changes in legislation. A company’s ability to adjust to changing circumstances provides an opportunity for competitive advantage.

Hudson has a team of experts that work closely with organisations to turn these challenges into a competitive advantage. Together with our customers we answer questions such as:

  • Is the design of my organisation still in line with its mission, strategy, market environment and maturity? More about Organisation Design
  • Are the changes in my organisation clearly structured and efficiently channeled so they are supported by all staff members?
  • Does staff has the required competencies to perform their tasks in an efficient and effective way? Is the division of workload between the different parts of the company in balance with (and aligned with) objectives?
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