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Talent Engagement Solution

Winning the Battle for Hearts & Minds

Motivate employees, encourage
employee retention and
engage your workforce

To get a competitive edge, organisations must fully unlock the potential of their people. But as every manager knows, this is easier said than done. Our consultants are experts in analyzing your staff’s motivational factors and giving pinpointed advice to improve engagement, retention and productivity within your organization. Moreover, Hudson has developed the breakthrough Talent Engagement Solution which helps you to drive organisational strategy and performance through committed and motivated people.



Talent Engagement Solution Survey

Hudson’s process begins with the Talent Engagement Solution Survey to

  • Highlight the underlying causes of turnover and facilitate staff retention
  • Increase team performance by strengthening the psychological contract
  • Gain insights on staff capacity for organisational change
  • Keep your people motivated and inspired
  • Tailor the employment proposition in a way that increases individual engagement
  • Utilise cost effective measures and avoid wasteful investment

Our Talent Engagement Approach

Online Survey

We deploy our proprietary Talent Engagement Survey, developed by Hudson R&D, across your organisation. Based on the results, we cull quantitative insight into the psychological contract at team, department and company levels, as well as for employee sub-groups.

Onsite Analysis

To complement the survey findings, your internal experts and Hudson consultants partner to build qualitative context and begin solution development, using staff workshops and one-to-one meetings with management.

Action Planning

Hudson's solution goes beyond the traditional survey report. We work closely with internal stakeholders and translate key findings and recommendations into concrete action plans, with short, medium and long term objectives.

Implement & Review

We conduct regular reviews with your internal project teams and Hudson consultants. This encourages continuous learning and ongoing evaluation of programme success, maximising the returns and benefits for your organisation. We can also offer hands-on assistance during the implementation of the action plans.
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''Hudson Talent Engagement Solution is unlike any other employee diagnostic on the market today. Using this innovative solution, Hudson's consultants provided our management team with powerful insight, and enabled us to prioritise management and financial investments in Talent Management over the short and medium term.''

-Nuria Van Den Wyngaert
HR Director
IP Globalnet

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