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Career Tracking

Are your employees challenged and inspired?

No one wants to work in a dead-end career. If an employee is unmotivated or underperforming, this person may be one small career change away from begin inspired and reinvigorated.

Hudson’s Career Tracking experts provide proactive guidance to optimise an employee’s current role or to help the employee find a new inspiring challenge. We sit down with you to reach the best solution for both your organisation and your employee.

Initially, Career Tracking addresses senior managers, future leaders, experts and high potentials at a turning point in their careers; however, Career Tracking may be utlised in the wider contexts of retention and engagement.

A company that implements Career Tracking:

  • Optimises individual and organizational competencies, and will often notice a boost in performance
  • Puts the employee in charge of his/her skill development
  • Supports and advances internal mobility and retention
  • Expresses respect and a “we care” attitude towards its employees and their talents
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Did You Know?

To ensure objectivity, Hudson offers the Guaranteed Double Assessment meaning two certified assessors run our assessment centre.

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