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Internal Mobility Solutions

Energise and inspire your employees

€150.000 = the average cost to replace a manager, not including the termination fee and the emotional cost. Anticipation is the key.

During our more than 2,000 career coaching sessions, we’ve frequently observed that a new challenge within the company can inspire managers, energise their competencies and enhance their performance considerably. It is a win-win situation. And if the manager, having taken stock of his career, decides to leave after all, he leaves for the right reason, in the right direction and typically on good terms.

Hudson’s Internal Mobility programs create unexpected possibilities:

  • Career Tracking for individuals. We’ll advise the employee on how to optimise his/her current role or on how to search for a new, inspiring challenge in the current company.
  • Redeployment at departmental or organisational level. During a corporate reorganisation, it’s critical that you maintain corporate knowledge, staff experience and professional contacts. We’ll work with your team to implement Career Tracking on a larger scale.
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Belgium was honored to receive the HR Excellence Awards: Best Executive & Talent Search 2012 | Best Compensation, Benefits & Reward 2012 | Best Executive Search 2011 & 2010 | Best Talent Sourcing 2010.

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