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Certified job evaluator 5+1 Compas®


The training 5+1 Compas® allows you to get to know the finer points of this unique job evaluation system and to evaluate functions independently within your own organization.


Hudson has developed a specific methodology for internal grading: the job evaluation model 5+1 Compas® is the underlying instrument. Our evaluation methodology is focused on measuring the added value of each job position to the realization of the company objectives. Job evaluation is comparatively analyzing and evaluating this added value based on well-founded and clear criteria.

In the 5+1 Compas® model, each job position is analyzed and evaluated based on the following criteria:
- the technical expertise required to properly fulfill the job position;
- the competencies required to properly fulfill the job position;
- the context in which the job position operates, being the impact of the function, the scope and the range of responsibilities of the function.

These criteria are gathered in 5 user-friendly clusters:
technical expertise, information management, task management, people management and interpersonal management.

Hudson has concluded a National Protocol with the trade unions. The job evaluation model 5+1 Compas® is acknowledged by the trade unions as an objective, correct and fair evaluation system.


- using the job evaluation methodology independently
- setting up a reference frame to learn how to quickly assess the added value of a job position
- learning the basic principles to develop a job grading model for an organization based on job evaluations


- HR management
- HR professionals


Hudson Consultants Talent Management


French trainings 2018 (Brussels)

09/01, 11/01, 16/01, 18/01 and 25/01 from 9:00 until 17:00.

Dutch trainings 2018 (Ghent)

22/11, 27/11, 28/11, 4/12 and 5/12 from 9:00 until 17:00.


In our Brussels office:
Av. Marcel Thiry 75, 1200 Brussels

Click here for an itinerary

In our Ghent office:
Moutstraat 56, 9000 Gent

Click here for an itinerary


DAY 1 (9am - 5 pm):
- Goal of the training and certification
- General principles of job evaluation
- Basic principles of 5+1 Compas®
- Introduction to the 5+1® competency model
- The 5+1 Compas® job evaluation methodology

DAY 2, 3 and 4 (9am - 5 pm):

DAY 5 (9am - 5 pm):
Certification exam


Dutch and French


You can register here up to 5 days before the training.
We will send you a confirmation with itinerary and invoice after receipt of your subscription.
These trainings are limited to 12 persons!


Hudson Academy or +32 9 242 54 44


3000 euro (21% VAT excluded).
Manual, job matrixes, reference book and lunch are included.


- For organizational purpose or in case of absolute necessity, Hudson reserves the right to reschedule or cancel this master class coaching. In such case, participants will be informed at least five working days before the event.
- Any cancellation by the participant should be communicated in writing at least five working days before the event. If the participant cancels within those 5 days, a full fee will be invoiced.
- Substitution of one participant by another is allowed.

In-house solution

The Hudson Academy can be organized in your company and adapted to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this solution.

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