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C++, Java, PHP… it’s no surprise that human resource professionals need an interpreter to decode the skills of prospects for telecommunications and IT jobs. Let Hudson be your translator.

Filling IT management jobs in Belgium requires more than an understanding of programming languages, hardware, software and data management. Whether you’re looking to fill CIO jobs or IT management recruitment, it takes expert consultants to assess the culture of an organisation and how a particular candidate fits within that environment.

In partnering with Hudson, you’ll have access to consultants who know the local market and recruit from the largest pool of specialised talent. We work with you to understand your IT recruitment goals, and then we conduct thorough assessments to find the right combination of skills and personality in an IT management professional to integrate seamlessly into your business. As always, you’ll have access to our complete suite of talent management solutions and tools, if you wish to enhance your recruiting efforts.

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As the most qualitative HR service provider on the market, we are known for our certified assessors. We provide a guaranteed Double Assessment for each candidate to ensure objectivity. On top, in our Hudson Academy trainings you can learn how to use our tools and testing methods yourself.

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