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Hudson selected as EPSO’s exclusive partner for assessment centres

Modernisation of selection procedure for all EU officials


EPSO is responsible for selecting staff from all 27 EU Member States to work for the Institutions and Agencies of the European Union, including the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, etc.

As EPSO modernises the existing selection procedures in order to move from knowledge based towards competency based selection, EPSO decided to include assessment centres as the final stage in the selection procedure for EU officials (generalists, specialists, linguists, assistants, etc.).

Hudson’s Research and Development Centre has been awarded a four year contract to be the exclusive partner of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) for the implementation of assessment centres in its new selection processes.


The support of Hudson’s R&D Centre in this modernisation process is multiple: working with EPSO professionals to design optimal assessment structures, to elaborate state of the art and bespoke simulation exercises for the different domains (economists, ICT, audit, linguists, etc.) to deliver thorough training for over 250 assessors and to guarantee a solid IT based structuring of the process. Guaranteeing the highest quality standards and innovative scientific evolutions was key in this cooperation.


Hudson's new assessment procedures are a significant change for the EU Institutions, and have a very high visibility to all 27 EU Member States.

  • Top expertise and advice on the design of assessment centres, including development of simulation exercises and delivering training.
    Starting from scratch, we advised EPSO on how to design the assessment centres for the different cycles and competitions in which thousands of candidates participate each year. We work with Selection Board Members to develop bespoke simulation exercises, including multiple variations per competition cycle. We train internal assessors within the Institutions to evaluate candidates during the different assessment centres.
  • “Assessment Manager”, a state of the art IT tool to support the assessment centres. EPSO can run their assessment centres using our unique internet platform:
    “Assessment manager”, which allows assessors to objectively assess candidates, integrate all data by the end of the assessment day and efficiently decide on applications. Assessment Manager assists the Selection Board members to compile a Competency Passport for every candidate.
  • Delivered with enthusiasm, team spirit, expertise and client focus.
    We build trust towards EPSO and the EU Institutions by our enthusiasm and belief in this project. We inspire with a unique Hudson-EPSO project team and, most importantly, we respond to the client’s needs and assist EPSO to manage this enormous change in their selection procedure.
Client Testimonial

David Bearfield, Director of EPSO:

“Hudson’s R&D Centre delivers world-class assessment expertise, combined with bespoke assessment exercises and tools. This combination creates an added value that allows us to successfully realise a huge change in our assessment approach.”

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Project Snapshot



  • Modernise the existing selection procedures
  • Move from selection based on knowledge to competency based selection
  • Implement assessment Centres as the final stage in the selection procedure for EU officials


Hudson R&D


  • Radical change of the EU institutions selection procedure.
  • Trained assessors and personalised assessment exercises.
  • Objective and faster selection of EU officials.
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