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Hudson’s 5+1 Competency Model®

The 5+1 Competency Model® = the centrepiece of our HR approach

We can customize our
5+1 Competency Model®
to fit your needs

Hudson’s R&D team has approached competency models from every angle. Understanding what the right combination of skills, knowledge and behavior are for a given job enable HR professionals and line managers to evaluate potential hires and develop employees into exceptional talent. Based on our proprietary research, we’re proud to introduce the 5+1 Competency Model®, designed to help Hudson clients achieve optimal success in recruitment and talent management.

The 5+1 Competency Model® is the result of an extensive study reviewing over one hundred competence models of international companies as well as current HR trends. We identified five core competencies: 

  • Information Management
  • People Management
  • Task Management
  • Interpersonal Management
  • Personal Management

Each with their own internal set of behavioural indicators. These five competencies are ordered hierarchically and the skills within each of the clusters are further prioritised. The one additional core competency is Technical Expertise that includes technical or organisational-specific knowledge and skills.

Designed to be flexible, the Model can be applied to different jobs and roles within an organisation in order to create a customised recruitment profile. In turn, candidates can be selected and evaluated against the Model, ensuring an efficient and effective interview process.

In addition to our innovative competency model, Hudson’s R&D team has also developed a suite of proprietary HR tools. From tests that focus on reasoning ability to assessments on business attitudes to our Interview Manager used to sharpen your team’s interview skills, our tools can be used with the 5+1 Competency Model® or customised to fit a client’s own competency model.

Learn how the 5+1 Competency Model® and Hudson’s HR tools is the right equation for you… contact us today.

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We offer an A-Z approach when it comes to HR solutions. Our tailor-made solutions take into account company size, sector, culture and other context variables.

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